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Buniyaa is a small e-commerce business catered towards indian products and groceries.
We are a family owned business operating out of New Jersey.
We started our business in 2015 initially working to build relationships and networks with indian grocery distributors such that we can provide our customers with quality products at a price point that is unmatched by your local grocery stores. We strive on providing our customers the best grocery shopping experience by providing quality products at the lowest prices without the hassle of leaving the comfort of home.
From past many years, the company has enjoyed an average annual growth rate of 40 percent. At any given time, Buniyaa holds in its warehouse, approximately 3 million pounds of grocery products, thus satisfying all our customers with timely deliveries across the country. We have numerous reputed and upcoming brands under our distribution belt. This along with our own brand “Aara” that deals with spices, nuts, lentils, and beans and available for all the retailers in the country.
Why travel to grocery stores on weekends or after a tiring day at work, search for parking during busy hours and then wait in long lines to checkout your items. Instead of all that annoyance, you can simply order online anytime and have your items delivered to your doorstep.
A young and aggressive team of Buniyaa has expertise in handling US FDA and USDA issues. Our supply chain also includes the crucial components of coordination and collaboration with worldwide growers and co-ops that follow strict sustainable agricultural practices. Extending our safe quality measures, we are in the process of procuring SQF Level 2 certification. This is a certified HACCP food safety plan that is benchmarked by GFSI. With the above rigorous system to manage food safety risks, Buniyaa is committed to providing high-quality products.
An expertise in spices, nuts, lentils and beans, a reliable source of suppliers, knowledge of spice trade, the know-how of the market and quality gave the company a definitive advantage, right from its inception. We source our products from India, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Turkey, Madagascar, Peru, Spain, Guatemala, and various other countries. With so many global contacts, we can keep up to date with the extremely volatile commodity markets.
Team Work
A team is stronger than the sum of its members! In every aspect of our business, the diverse skills of teams we have are the main reasons for reaching success.
Customer Commitment
At Buniyaa we believe customers’ satisfaction with the performance of our product or service is the single largest contributor to loyalty.
The success of Buniyaa is built off of the trust of customers, employees and the general public. We have gained that trust to demonstrate ethics and integrity in our business practices.
Trusted Brand
Aara is a brand for buyers however it is a reputation for us as a company. We earn the reputation by only providing the best to your doorstep.

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