Buttermilk & Chaas

Buttermilk or better known as chaas is our favoured drink in the Summers. It is not only a hydrating drink but has a lot of health benefits. Buy chaas online it is an incredible source of protein and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals like Vit A and D, along with calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and probiotics. It helps to keep your eyes, heart, lungs, and kidney health. Buttermilk is drunk in summers because it replenishes your energy and keeps you hydrated. It is also a great alternative for lactose-intolerant people. It is also very beneficial for digestion and helps your gut. Buy buttermilk online from us and get an incredible taste on your buds all the while satisfying your thirst from the sweltering heat. Along with having it with Indian food, it can also be used for making pancakes, ranch dressings, and even in baking. The slight creamy but tangy liquid is a blessing to your taste buds in summer afternoons.

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