7 Quirky Ways You Can Add Dry Fruits to Diet

Dry fruits and nuts are healthy, undoubtedly. But Do you feel that the conventional way of consuming them has gotten boring? Well, that is exactly why we are bringing this blog to you. You are about to read off-center, out-of-the-box recipes in this article. 

Everyone probably knows about the traditional dishes that Asian Indians prepare out of dry fruits. Indians use dry nuts and fruits in almost every sweet relish. Not just that, the milk is boiled with condiments like saffron, Tulsi and dry fruits such as almonds and pistachios. North Indians even prepare a paste out of cashews and almonds to add to the sauce or gravy with cottage cheese.

Beyond that, dry fruits are consumed across the globe in large amounts every year even when they are popularly referred to as a gourmet. People commonly eat it in the form of trail mix or soaked. Since there are not many dishes worldwide that are completely based on dry fruits, it is hard to wrap one’s mind around such graceful food getting cooked in an unusual way. At present, Chefs and food artists have come up with creative ideas to make such artsy foods. 

Let’s go?

  • Almond, peanut butter and Berry Protein bar

You might have heard about instant protein bars made from whey protein. However, several start-ups have developed a recipe that involves the use of plant protein and dry fruit and nuts. 

One can make nutty bars at home as well. To make this, you will need dried berries of choice, almonds, cereal of choice, pumpkin or chia seeds. For a binder, you can use Honey or maple syrup. This saves you time and fills you up for hours when you are traveling. 

  •  Mixed dry fruits cookies

Normally, cookies are loaded with sugar and refined flour. Nonetheless, you can make healthful crisp biscuits at home as well. 

Here, you can swap sugar with natural sweetener or sugar substitute. Besides, refined flour could be replaced by oats. Additionally, you will require ingredients such as dry nuts pieces, raisins, dried berries, butter and baking soda. Buy dry fruit and nuts products online from online grocery stores such as Buniyaa. 

  • Roasted spiced nuts

It is such an Indian way to spice up the food. This is almost addictive. When you are on the go with minimal snacks, this snack comes in handy.  The recipe requires a spice mix for which garam masala, black pepper, nutmeg and pink salt can be used. You can even add your favorite spice powder. But you might want to be cautious of the amount in which you will add them. 

Now that you have your spice mix, light roast all the nuts in a pan tossing them intermittently or you can use a preheated oven for temperature control. Mix butter with the roasted dry fruits. Once greased, add the premixed condiments and toss them yet again. Once mixed, you can once again roast them for a crunch. 

  • Granola bars

These nutrition-rich blocks popularly known as energy bars are a go-to snack for individuals who are time-bound. You can custom-make your granola bars by adding nuts, seeds and berries of choice with oats. Chocolate or coconut flakes could be included as per your taste.  All the ingredients are roasted and ground to a coarse powder. The powder is then mixed with vegan or dairy butter and sweetener. The mixture is then compacted and refrigerated. If this looks like a fuss, you can buy dry fruits products online as well on buniyaa.

  • Dates pistachio whey protein balls

These turn out to be quick on-the-go snacks full of protein and complex carbohydrates. There are so many flavors and ingredients out there for making energy balls with hidden sugars. An upside of making this superfood at home is that you can control what goes in. 

The ingredients one will need are dates, chopped pistachios, Honey or jaggery, peanut butter, rolled oats and ground seeds. Whey protein can be added for a protein boost. All these items are mixed well and formed into a ball. 

  •  Sprout and nuts salad

Since we are using dry fruits and nuts as main ingredients, we have yet another recipe that uses a decent quantity of them. All this salad requires is steamed brown rice, quinoa, sprouted moong and chickpeas along with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and soaked nuts. All of these are mixed in one bowl followed by adding one lemon. Spices of preference are added and tossed. Once it is done, dressings can also be added if preferred. 

  • Nutty bread

Various bread items such as buns, waffles, croissants and so on are loaded with nuts and dry fruits like prunes. All-purpose flour is used as a binder. Other than that, sweetener, butter, baking powder and a variety of dried fruits and nuts are added to the batter. The batter now goes into the preheated oven over 180 degrees celsius for 15 minutes. 

Although we have listed a few simple and tested recipes, there are a plethora of these out there. However, these ones will cut your time in half. If you are someone who would instead grab something from the shop, you can check out online grocery stores in the US like Buniyaa. 

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