Top Selling Indian Groceries in the USA

Groceries are indeed important for every household. By the start of the month everyone is startled about grocery shopping. Everyone is working and busy abroad. In a life that is busy for everyone nowadays grocery shopping is nothing less than a task. To move out of the house and look for parking is a very hectic process. Hurry-free shopping is indeed very uncommon these days. If you can buy Indian groceries online in the USA then why move house to get annoyed? Indian food items and groceries have a separate fan base outside. Also, there are plenty of Indians living in the USA who are accustomed to Indian grocery items. Because no matter where Indians are, their heart will remain homesick to their land. If you are looking for top-selling Indian groceries in the USA, then this blog is for you. You will know about the best seller grocery items to buy and also a reliable platform where you can buy them.

Where Can You Buy Top Indian Groceries Online in the USA?

Though there are plenty of platforms available online that sell Indian groceries in the USA. However, everyone looks for products that have good quality and are available at affordable prices. Buniyaa is an eCommerce platform that sells all kinds of Indian groceries and food items. We only strive to provide our customers with the best quality products. The prices that we offer, you will find nowhere else. Not even the offline stores will have stocked up on these Indian grocery items. We make available to you the top-selling grocery items in the USA online. We have around 3 million grocery items in our warehouse. There are very less chances of the groceries being stocked out. We have available all kinds of grocery items ranging from the favourite foods of children to the basic needs of the home kitchen. We have expertise in handling US FDA and USDA-related issues. You will experience safe and secure methods of payment with us. Also, hygiene is the topmost priority for us. The more hygienic the services are, the healthier our customers are. All items are 100% protected and you will experience fast delivery. When you can get Indian groceries delivered to your doorstep in the USA, then why hassle for no reason? Shop from the comfort of your home and get amazing deals on Indian grocery items on hand without any exertion. 

Best selling grocery items in the USA

The categories for the best seller items are listed as under. These categories contains the best selling grocery item brands in the USA. They are all available at the lower price than that of market. You can buy the groceries from Buniyaa and get optimum deals. Also, there are ample varieties in each category, you can choose ones as per your preference. All the items listed are prepared by organic means. Not only these are money saving but also health saving. 

Ghee and Oil

Ghee and oil are basic grocery items using which all the food items are cooked. Buy ghee and oil at the best price in USA. These are widely used in India for cooking and has nutritional benefits as well. The best seller ghee and oils are Parachute Organic Coconut oil, Amul Ghee, GRB Pure Cow ghee, Gowardhan Ghee, GRB BUffalo Ghee and Patanjali Cow Ghee.

Dal and Beans

Dals and beans are a healthy source of protein, antioxidants, etc. They keep you healthy and fit. Every dal is tasty and beneficial in its own way. These are a good source of fibre, this should be included in your diet almost everyday. All types of dals are available on our website. These include Aara Kabuli Chana, Aara Kala Chana, Aara Red and Kashmiri Kidney beans and Aara Khichdi mix.

Flour and Rice

Flour and rice are really healthy as they are prepared with organic means. It contains the best nutritional benefits that are required the body. Buy flour and rice online in the USA. The bestseller brands includes Aara Besan Flour, Aara wheat flour, Aara Basmati rice in regular and XL size. Aara Diabetic rice, Aara Sooji rava, Aara maida, etc. You can shop any of the types based on your requirement. 


All kinds of spices are available on our website. These spices not only enhance the taste of the food but also your health. When all the spices are blended together, it gives the pure Indianness to your cooked meals. Priya and Aara spices are available in the USA for sale. The best sellers spices from Aara include Cumin seeds, Turmeric powder, Mustard seeds, Red chilli powder, bay leaves, fenugreek seeds, jaggery cubes, black salt, etc. The best seller spices from Priya Spices includes Priya Sambhar masala, curry lead powder, ginger garlic paste, idli karam masala, etc.


Buy all the above listed grocery items and have the taste of India in your place even in the USA from Buniyaa. Get your hands on such amazing items and enjoy your meals without missing the Indian taste anymore.

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