Buy Indian Gourmet Meal Kits in the USA

Buy Indian Gourmet Meal Kits in the USA

Everyone is looking for comfort in every way. Adults have busy schedules and so they want something that can be cooked in seconds, so they do not have to spend a lot of time cooking. Children always want something that’s easy to cook and gets ready instantly when they are starting. People who are working want to stop going to grocery stores looking for parking, so their work eases down. For travelling purposes, people are always looking for instant meals and they are the best way to kick the hunger out. The solution to all these problems is our Indian Gourmet meal kit. If you are looking to knock such problems out, you can always rely on instant foods that are delicious yet deliver taste just like home. Buy Indian Gourmet meal kits in the USA from our online grocery store. In this blog, you will know about different varieties of instant meal kits and our grocery store online. 


About our Brand

Buniyaa is an eCommerce platform that provides its buyers with all the Indian grocery and food items. You will no more miss the food of your home because all the items available here will provide you with a taste just like home. We always prioritise quality more than anything because we cannot compromise your health in any way. We strive to deliver our best so you can lead a happy and healthy life. We have expertise in handling US FDA and USDA issues as well. We have products available from India, Spain, Peru, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia and many more countries, so you can have the best of all the areas. All the products are delivered to your doorstep by keeping in view your safety and requirements. All the products listed on our products are verified and tested by all means. You will now just have to select, delivering your package of happiness and goodness will be our work. There is a new category introduced, that is, the Indian Gourmet meal kit. This kit saves you all the time and you can have a home-like taste in legit seconds now, no matter where you are heading to or what time you are wanting to knock your hunger out. With our instant meal kit, you will now be served anytime anywhere. So, if you are looking for it then visit our website and buy our Gourmet meal kit online right away.  

Aara Gourmet Indian Meal Kits

Aara is a brand listed on Buniyaa that is renowned and has expertise in manufacturing all kinds of Indian food and grocery items such as nuts, spices, dry fruits, snacks, juices, sweets, instant meals etc. Aara has developed a lot of trust from its customers over the years and sells only organically harvested food which is best for maintaining the health of the body. So, you can buy Aara Indian Gourmet meal kits online in the USA from our website. 


Aara Pulao & Papadum Gourmet Meal Kit 

Aara Pulao & Papadum Gourmet Meal Kit includes special pulao rice, pulao whole spice mix, yoghurt masala mix, papadum, pulao masala blend and a recipe card. When one is to cook the pulao differently by first cutting veggies, then adding spices and then waiting hours for it to get cooked, it becomes a long and difficult process. But with this kit, you will receive all the goodness and taste with easy cooking. 


Aara Dal Fry & Rice Gourmet Meal Kit 

Aara Dal Fry & Rice Gourmet Meal Kit includes mixed lentils, dal fry whole spice mix, dal fry masala blend, special basmati rice and a recipe card. It is full of protein and has enriched Indian flavours that add taste to it. It gets ready in minutes and you can add vegetables also add if you want to.


Aara Rajma & Rice Gourmet Meal Kit

Aara Rajma & Rice Gourmet Meal Kit includes red kidney beans, rajma whole spice mix, rajma masala blend, special basmati rice and a recipe card. This dish is ideal for everyone but more specifically it is best for diabetic patients. It contains the required dietary fibres and boosts the digestive system as well. All you have to do is mix it all in the given proportion and get it cooked. 


Aara Chana Masala & Rice Gourmet Meal Kit

Aara Chana Masala & Rice Gourmet Meal Kit includes chickpeas, chana masala whole spice mix, chana masala blend, special basmati rice and a recipe card to ease the cooking steps. It contains sufficient amounts of fibre, protein, iron and Vitamins. This kit contains all the goodness in a defined proportion all you need to do is follow the steps and get it all cooked in a few minutes. 


Aara Vegetable Biryani Gourmet Meal Kit

Aara Vegetable Biryani Gourmet Meal Kit includes special biryani rice, a Biryani masala blend, Biryani whole spices mix, Biryani fruits and nuts mix, Biryani fried onions, Spice blend for Yogurt and a recipe card for cooking instructions. All the items are mouth-watering but when mixed it delivers a supreme dish that is loved by all. 

All the kits are prepared in a way that you get all the ingredients in a required proportion and get them cooked in a few minutes. Wherein when these dishes are required to prepare on our take hours of cooking. This is why whenever you are in a hurry or looking for something tasty yet healthy that can be cooked last minute, then you should have these kits stacked in your kitchen. So, buy Indian Gourmet meal kits online from our Indian grocery store in the USA



These kits are the saviour at the last moment when nothing else is available, these are not just delicious but also contain required vitamins, fibres, proteins, etc. These kits taste just like home and can be prepared anywhere. 

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