Five Sugar Control Methods For The Healthier You

Who does not love eating sugary food? Everyone does. But what we forget is what it leads us to. We only care about our taste buds but do not bother to care about our bodies. Diabetic patients need to control their blood sugar levels by strict limits. Due to our uncontrollable methods of eating, our body endures a lot. But guess what? You don’t have to disappoint your taste buds. Yes, you read it right, you do not have to compromise on your delicious food anymore because we got you! You cannot cheat your body as it helps us to keep moving and living this beautiful life God has awarded us with. There are food brands that provide you with much-needed nutrients and Aashirvaad products are one of them. You will know why to choose this brand and where to buy it online. This blog is for you to help you with the method to control your sugar, so you can lead a healthy life. Also, you will get to know the food brands you can rely on.   

Exercise Regularly

Diabetic patients should do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity. Moderate aerobic activity includes dancing, swimming, brisk walking and cycling. So you can choose anyone from these and do them at least 150 times per week. Exercising daily is as important as eating healthy because eating healthy and living healthy makes your life free from any medical problems.

Get regular health check-ups

Patients should regularly get their fasting blood sugar and postprandial blood sugars checked regularly. Other than these, they should also get their HB levels tested every three to six months. Blood tests involving kidney function tests, CBC tests, liver function tests, lipid profiles, etc should be done at least once a year. Proper testing and examination lead you towards a healthier life and save you from getting diagnosed with any kind of disease. This can help diabetic patients to keep track of their body data. A regular person who has no health problems should also visit their doctor for regular checkups, as getting your body examined is a step towards a happy and healthy life. 

Diet management

Dietary management is an important factor that is needed to be taken care of. Diabetic patients should keep their per day total calorie intake constant and in control. A male diabetic patient should take 30 calories per kg per day and a female diabetic patient should take 25 calories per kg per day. Also, you should include high fibre foods in your diet such as salads, green leafy vegetables, etc. Diabetic patients must restrict carbohydrate intake, especially refined sugars like all-purpose flour(maida) and sugar. You can include Aashirvaad products like Aashirvaad select sharbati Atta, whole wheat atta, atta with multi-grains and much more. It is a healthy brand that provides you with much-needed fibres, carbs and nutrition for a healthy body. If you don’t find these products near you can shop online Aashirvaad products too at the best prices in the USA and across the globe from our website. The consumption of such foods needs to be stopped immediately. Besides these, red meat and mutton should be stopped. Instead of these foods, you can eat plant-based proteins and fresh fruits too. The biggest source of plant-based proteins is lentils. Trans fat and saturated fats also need to be avoided. Once you understand what to eat and what not to, you will conquer good health.    

Never miss a medicine dose

The medicines which are prescribed by the doctor should be taken in the recommended dosage, at the proper time and in a proper way. Never stop taking any medication as per your choice without consulting with your doctor because this can turn out to be unfavourable and harmful for you. Medications play a major role in controlling your sugar. This is why it needs to be taken adequately without forgetting along with proper meals prescribed by the doctor. You need to remember when to take medicine and in what quantity because proper treatment is much needed to maintain the health of your body. 

Avoid Stress

According to studies, 75% of the population is suffering from stress. For diabetic patients avoiding stress is important because increased stress can raise blood sugar levels that are extremely harmful. In addition to it, at least seven hours of sleep is mandatory every day. A night of good sleep also reduces stress that helps the stress level to stay in control. This will help your blood sugar levels to be in control and normal levels. So, if you are stressing over things in your life then this is your time to avoid it. Practise mediation, stay away from any sort of negativity, do what makes you happy and live a stress-free yet healthy life.  

Why should you choose Aashirvaad?

Aashirvaad is an ITC entered brand that consists of all the products such as wheat flour, ghee, spices, etc. It is of the best quality and is gluten-free which is beneficial for diabetic patients. It contains fibre, nutrients, natural grains and much more that are important to consume for a healthy body. It contains no artificial ingredients, has pure quality and it is the certified best available wheat on the market. 

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So, these things are really important to take care of because if you control the above-mentioned points, you will be able to control your blood sugar levels. People want to munch on their favourite foods but having them more frequently is not right. If you want a great source of fibre and good taste make the Aashirvaad products list and add them to your diet. Only consult your doctor first and then follow his consultations. Nothing in this world is as important as you, so take care of yourself and walk towards a healthy life.   

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