How to buy Indian Delicious sweets and snacks online?

Sweets and Snacks are everybody’s favourite, ranging from a kid to older people. Did your mouth drool after hearing these words? Surely, it did. Well, Indian sweets and snacks have their special place in the world due to their taste. Everyone loves to eat them, they are being bought for every occasion, every festival, every special day. Exchanging sweets and sacks is a gesture made by friends and families to cherish and deliver the good news. There are plenty of different sweets and snacks made in larger quantities each day in India and every state has its flavour and taste. They are of great use because when you have to provide your guests you can provide them with instant ready snacks and sweets. Are you someone who lives outside India and wants to have Indian sweets and snacks that takes just like home but has no idea where to? This blog will help you get to know the best platform to buy sweets and snacks online from the Indian grocery store in the USA. There is no more homesickness but you will now be delivered with every Indian food item that you require right at your doorstep. So, let us not waste more time knowing about the guide to buying Indian delicious sweets or snacks online and where to buy it. 

Best Platform to buy sweets and snacks online

The only struggle is to find a better place to buy Indian groceries online but now that struggle has also come to an end. It is because you have the best Indian grocery shopping platform available to you. Buniyaa is a small e-commerce business platform that provides you with Indian groceries and essentials. We initiated this platform in the year 2015 and now successfully established a great relationship with our customers by serving them with supreme quality products at the optimum deals. All kinds of sweets and snacks are available here, so buy from our online grocery store in the USA. We have always strived on serving better and accept feedback to look out for the areas that need improvement if any. 

  • Best quality products are available at the lowest prices available so the needs of every section can be catered to. 
  • Have a reliable source of suppliers and knowledge of the spice trade.
  • 100% protected and organic, with no added preservatives and flavours. As a result of this, you nowhere compromise with the quality and taste.
  • Saves you a lot of time and parking issues, because everything you need is now delivered to your doorstep only.
  • Sweets and snacks available here are not only tasty but healthy as well in all aspects.
  • Have expertise in handling USDA and US FDA issues.
  • Have a safe and secure checkout payment method, so you face no authenticity or reliability issues.
  • Every Indian grocery item is available here ranging from basic to exclusive. 

Types of Sweets and Snacks Available on Buniyaa

Our brand has ties with multiple brands and sources products from different countries like India, Indonesia, Spain and several other countries. You will find a variety of sweets and snacks which you can buy online from our Indian grocery store. There are plenty of items available there but a few of them are:


Biscuits like Parle-G, McVitie’s Digestive Wheat biscuits, Monaco, Krackjack butter masala, Pele Nice, Hide & Seek Chocolate chip cookies and many more. Different chips like Lays Magic Masala, Salted Indian style, Uncle chips spicy treats, Monaco Jeffs Jeera, Aara Corn, Aara Pha thick, Chaakri breakfast Khakhra, Aara Fryums, and much more. They are healthier and even tastier than can be consumed anytime you want to. All the varieties and different flavours are available in the biscuits category. These are all quick Indian snacks available on our online Indian grocery store in the USA


Aara Peanut Pak, Parle choco rolls, GRB Soan Papdi, Rusks, GRB Pineapple Soan Papdi, Different sweet candies, GRB Rasogolla, GRB Gulab Jamun, Pineapple Halwa, Dry Fruit Halwa, Amul Rasogolla, Kesar Malai peda, Assorted Katlis, Motichoor Ladoo, Sangeeta sweet premium mix, Butterscotch ladoo and much more. These are just a few but the abundance of sweets like these are available here. These sweets are made from pure desi ghee that states just like home and the varieties available here will not be found anywhere else. After having it once, you will crave it more and more. 

Patanjali Snacks

Patanjali snacks like patanjali bel candy, patanjali pachak methi nimbu, patanjali pachak hing peda, Patanjali Gulkand, Amla candy, Pachak Ajwain, Hig Goli, Anardana Goli, etc. Patanjali snacks and sweets are not only tasty and healthier but also possess medicinal properties that cure multiple problems and give you a healthier life. 


Buying sweets and snacks from Buniyaa is the best option for people living in the USA because not only do they provide you with healthier and organic Indian grocery items but also provide you with the optimum deals you will find nowhere else. 

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