7 Benefits of Ghee You May Not Have Known

Ghee is like the middle name of Indians. It is also known as clarified butter. Can you stay without having ghee in your food? 

Imagine your favourite dishes without ghee? Not happening right! It is because ghee is an indispensable part of Indian delicacies. An Indian can not have food if he or she has not got one bowl of ghee at their side. Ghee is used in making everything such as for making sweets, chapatis, vegetables, eggs, paranthas and what not. It can not be denied that after pouring ghee into food the taste enhances even more. There were times when our Nani used to make ghee at home only. It was believed and is still believed that there cannot be tastier and healthier ghee than one that is produced at home. They knew all the tactics and also the addition of love in their hands got us fly in the air after having it. Ghee is not only known for its taste but also for the benefits that it carries along with it. It is beneficial if you consume it every day as it is effective in increasing the health of your skin, your body, your hair and internal organs too. This blog is about the benefits of ghee you may not have known so if by chance you do not know why it is loved by every Indian kitchen so that you get to know. And if you do not consume it, then after reading this blog you would rush to the grocery store and get it today itself for you and your family. But if you are someone who works and does not have time to go to the grocery store then you can just buy ghee online too.

Let us know the 7 benefits of ghee that you may not know.

  • Heart
  • If you don’t want to suffer from high blood pressure, you don’t want to get captured by cardiac attacks, if you don’t want a stroke, then you must start using ghee. Not only did ayurvedic specialists recommend this thousand of years back that people should consume ghee but also modern medical science recommends it because it is the best form of the good fat that our body needs. It also clears your arteries and helps in lowering your cholesterol. So if you are having the balance between your good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, it will minimise the chances of you being prone to heart diseases because it triggers only because of the high cholesterol level in your body. It is also very helpful for the muscles of your heart so, eating ghee is very beneficial for your heart.

  •  Liver
  • Eating ghee will trigger the function of your liver and the liver will secrete more bile to digest the fat of ghee. The bile will secrete in good concentration which will keep your gallbladder healthy and it minimises your chances of having a stone in your gallbladder. It will not only help in the digestion of ghee but also help in the direction of the food. 

  • Skin
  • It helps you to get all the necessary fat-soluble vitamins needed for the growth of the body such as Vitamin-A, Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E and Vitamin-K. It is well known that Vitamin A and Vitamin E are very essential for good and healthy-looking skin. So, ghee will make your skin shine.

  • Chapped or dry lips
  • If your lips are chapped or dry, it is advised to apply the ghee on your navel or lips to get the moisture and shine of the lips back. You will see the magic happening in your life. You would not just have to look on the television or internet to have temporary shiny lips through products but you will in reality have lips that will be healthy and will shine inside out.

  • Weight loss
  • Ghee is proven to be beneficial in weight loss if consumed on the empty stomach in the morning. It triggers the liver, gives you a good metabolism so you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from the food you’ll be eating. It kicks in the metabolism that will help you in reducing weight. It is wrong to say eating ghee alone will do it, but along with the exercise, eating right and you should be in the calorie deficit to lose the weight. Just using ghee will provide you with the right fat that is essential for the functioning of your endocrine system and this will help you effectively in losing weight.

  • Healing sinuses/ Headaches
  • Dropping some of the drops of ghee in both nostrils is called Nasya in Ayurveda. After dropping ghee in two nostrils, just breathe in and take it inside. It will help you clear your sinuses and will also help in healing migraines or headaches. It is also proven to be effective for helping you with your cervical spondylitis. So, you see how using ghee just inside your nose can come out to be effective.

  • Bone Health
  • It will reduce all the dryness from your body and moisturise your body. If you notice the crackling sound or you are having any sort of issues with the bones. Then, ghee is the optimum key. It will reduce free radicals in the body that will help you in the healing of your joints and enhance the health of your bones.

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    • Thank you,
      because my wife said no Ghee in my house it will Kill you
      and I love the Taste of Ghee

      - Charles Faro
    • Thank you,
      because my wife said no Ghee in my house it will Kill you
      and I love the Taste of Ghee

      - Charles Faro

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