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Indian spices and masalas have their place in the world. Not only is it famous in India but also in other parts of the world. Indian spices and masala are at the heart of Indian cuisine which adds taste to the food. Once you start using Indian spices there is no going back. Sometimes people living outside their country miss the Indian foods, and Indian tastes and yearn for them. This blog is for people to know the Indian Masalas and spices well and for those living in the USA, this is going to be a helpful blog for you as you can now find out how you can buy Indian spices and Masalas in the USA.

Right Place to Buy Indian Spices and Masala in the USA

If you are looking to buy Indian Spices and Masala online in the USA then Buniyaa is the right platform for you. We are a small eCommerce family business that sells Indian food and products in the USA. You will be provided with fast and secure delivery, valued quality products at the best prices available, etc. The products sold here are 100% protected and you will find numerous varieties here. We provide our customers with the best experience with effective dealing and secured delivery of the best products. Our team has expertise in handling USDA and US FDA issues, so your payments are secure with us. We seek to provide you with the best Indian Masala and Spices prepared hygienically. It is 100% safe for your health because they are prepared with organic means by strictly keeping in view your health. So, do not hassle anymore trying to get stuck between the office and bringing groceries online. You focus on your family and health, we will deliver you all the Indian products you need. 

Indian Spices and Masala Brands available on Buniyaa

There are a variety of brands available on our website as everyone has different preferences. So all the best Indian spices and masala brands available here are:


Priya food private limited has dealing in Indian food instant food, spices, masala, pickles, flour, rice, etc. It is a well-recognised brand in India and is bought by many people. They sell purely vegetarian products and have no artificial flavours added. Its products are safe to consume as there are no added preservatives or flavours added. The masalas include Priya Andhera Fish Masala, Priya Country Chicken Masala, Priya Chicken 65 Masala, Priya Chilli Chicken Masala, Hyderabadi Bagara Baingan Masala, Priya Spicy Telugu Chaary masala, Priya Garam Masala powder and much more. You can buy Priya Msalas online on buniyaa in the USA


Buy all kinds of MDH Indian masalas and spices online in the USA on our website. This is India’s number 1 trusted brand that has customers from all over the world. The majority of the Indian population uses masala in their food. It adds the soul to the food and has so many varieties that no other brand has. It has been prominent in India for a long time and is considered India’s bestseller brand. It includes MDH Sambar Masala, MDH Garam Masala, MDH Pulao Masala, MDH Rajmah Masala, MDH Chicken Curry Masala, MDH Jaljeera masala and much more.  


Aara is an Indian brand that sells and exports delicious and healthy food items. Their product range includes dry fruits, nuts, rice, lentils, snacks, juices, spices, etc. Aara products are made by keeping in view the hygiene measure and has good quality packaging. These products are primarily prepared with organic means. You can buy Aara Masalas and spices online in the USA and make your favourite dish even tastier. Some of the spices are  

Aara Pav Bhaji Masala, Aara Pani Puri Masala, Aara turmeric powder organic, Aaara Kitchen king masala, Aara Fennel Powder, etc. 

Mother’s Recipe

Mother’s Recipe is a well-recognised food brand in India and in more than 40 countries that manufacture and sell ethnic traditional food all across the globe. Their products are backed by hygiene and good quality which is the main reason why their products are the best selling in the market. Mother’s Recipe Biryani Masala, Mother’s Recipe Chaat Masala, Mother's recipe Garam Masala, Mother’s Recipe Meat Masala, and Mother’s recipe Kitchen Queen masala are a few masalas available on our website, you can buy Mother’s recipe masala online in the USA.


If you are living outside and have no idea where to get Ching’s Secret products, you can visit our website and buy Ching’s Secret products online in the USA. It is an Indian brand with a Chinese touch in it which has gained importance all over India. The variety of masalas available on our website is Chings Paneer Chilli Masala, Ching’s Hakka chowmein masala, Ching’s veg Manchurian masala, Ching’s schezwan fried masala and much more. You can buy your preferred Ching’s masala online in the USA from us. 


Indian spices and masalas are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine, therefore if you want to shop online in the USA, shop with us. You will be provided with all Indian foods and groceries on the best deals available at Buniyaa

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