Master The Art of Noodle Making! Here’s How

Does ordering noodles at the restaurant leave you feeling embarrassed? Knowing your noodles can get a bit complicated with all the different names and shapes. You are at the right place if you want to get in some details on various types and shapes of noodles. Also, we will explore our go-to brands to buy noodle products online. And that doesn’t end just there. We are bringing you the tips and tricks that worked for the chefs and will just do that for you as well. Read till the end to learn a few basic tactics as a finishing note.

There are a plethora of shapes one must know about before ordering in any restaurant. Let us get into that first.

1.) Spaghetti

These are probably the most popular ones and hence, worth mentioning at first. Spaghetti is long noodles that are traditionally used in Italian dishes. They are commonly made out of semolina and water. These are the type of noodles that are made by food brands too as instant food products. Check out noodle products online on online grocery stores like Buniyaa.

2.) Linguine

These look similar to spaghetti but wider than that. Cylindrical in cross-section, these are the pasta noodles that go well with creamy sauces like pesto and white sauce. They can be mixed and matched with any seasoning but are made popularly with shrimps.

3.) Vermicelli

We bet you did not think that you would read this name in a noodle blog. But truth be told- these are a type of short, thin noodles. Southeast Asians love to top their soups with vermicelli. Not just that, the Indian dish sevai is a type of rice noodle vermicelli and is added to ‘kheer’ or cooked with chopped veggies along with spices.

4.) Perciatelli

The one that looks like conventional noodles but hollow like a thin tube. There is a hole that runs through perciatelli and that is what makes it stand apart. The super esthetic kind of noodle pasta is a staple for meat dishes in Italy.

5. ) tagliatelle

Those flat noodles you see in a cafe and wonder what is it even called? The tagliatelle is flat, pressed, long noodles popularly cooked with eggs. They are nothing like spaghetti as they do not have an elliptical shape.

6.) Ramen

The most instant noodles are Ramen. These are majorly wheat and alkaline water that raises the dough. A variety of instant ramen is available like soup ramen and a ramen dish where noodles are stirred with spices, oil and vegetables. Find your instant ramen noodles at Buniyaa, which is one of the largest Indian online grocery stores. Several companies make cup ramen as well which just requires boiled water to be added to it.

7.) Udon

These noodles are thick and traditionally served with spring onions’ sides. Udon is also available as an instant noodle cake.

8.) Special types of noodles

For people who look for alternatives for rice and processed flour noodles, many brands have come up with noodles with a low glycemic index and high protein.

  • Buckwheat noodles
  • Whole grain noodles
  • Lentils noodles
  • Beetroot
  • Zoodles (zucchini noodles)
  • Now, few tips that can help you make delicious noodles at home.
  • Watch your noodle cooking time

This one is easier said than done. Everyone advises monitoring cooking time but it is not that easy. How do you know your noodles are cooked perfectly? First research about cooking time for the type of noodles that you are choosing since different kinds of noodles has different cooking time depending upon the composition. Once you know the estimated time, check the noodles around that time by poking a stick. Rightly cooked noodles will bounce back slightly and overcooked ones will get poked through.

  • Rinse the noodles

Rinsing is the next step once they are cooked. To wash them means they won’t get sticky once they get cold. Sticky noodles are unwanted and hence rinsing is an essential part. Also, tossing the noodles in oil right after cooking helps reduce stickiness.

  • Use water generously

You do not want to have sticky, undercooked noodles. Add enough water to boil them. Perfectly cooked noodles would not stick to each other because enough water does the trick.

Not a fan of cooking altogether? Not to worry as we have some amazing instant noodles options sorted out for you.

  • Schezwan noodles

Ching’s schezwan flavor is one of the best-sellers. What is special here is that they have given a desi twist to the taste. Check out instant noodle products online on buniyaa.

  • Hakka noodles

Indochinese food is loved by every Indian. Hakka noodles are no exception with the blast of spices they offer.

  • Singapore noodles

With a flavor of vermicelli curry, this instant food product is a treat to the palate. If you are someone who loves Singapore curry flavor, check these noodles out on buniyaa.

We have not forgotten to mention options for healthy eaters as well. Whole wheat noodles are something that won’t spike your blood sugar sooner. Not just that, aata noodles fill you up for a while.

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